bassMusic has always been a big part of my life.  At a very early age, watching the guitar players on the Ken McKenzie Show on black and white TV from the vantage point of my grandmother’s couch, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I bought my first electric guitar at age 12 from a neighbor, a Teisco del Rey, and never looked back.  In high school my rock band won the annual talent show, and after landing the guitar chair in the stage band for the musical, “Godspell”, my professional musical career was launched. After more than 35 years, and countless stages later it is still what I want to do. I could tell stories, believe me.

After going through my young man rock band phase, I quickly developed a passion for roots music.  Blues, country, early rock and roll, and reggae would become the foundation for my stints in several bands that include guitar with hillbilly rockers The Coon Cats and longtime reggae mavens Rockin’ Vibration, co-producing the kids rock and roll band, Good Rockin’ Daddies, bass with classic blues rockers JC & the Pickups and vocal specialists Coos Canyon Band, and as junk percussionist in Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band. Highlights include opening for and being quoted by Dolly Parton at the Cumberland County Civic Center, Maine bandleader and guitarist for Bo Diddley,  headlining a Children’s Music Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania with Good Rockin’ Daddies, fronting the house band for Randall’s Houseparty Open Mic at the legendary Raoul’s and later Morganfield’s, and a double encore at a weekend Reggae Festival in Rhode Island with Rockin’ Vibration where ex Wailers and Traffic guitarist Al Anderson asked to borrow my guitar pedals for the headliner show and then made sure they got back to my house in Maine the next day.

I’m always game for sitting in or subbing, and am always interested in new band opportunities that allow for growth and freedom to follow the muse. I am equally at ease behind electric guitar or bass. I prefer Fender or Gibson guitars and vintage tube amps, and Fender or Lakland basses into whatever sounds good and isn’t heavy. I am also pretty good as a percussionist on a cajun frattoir (rub board), or vintage Thermos lunch box, which as far as anyone can tell, I invented as an instrument.

I am building a ’62 25 watt Ampeg B-15 tube amp circuit that will be housed in a super retro cool chassis and detachable cab/cover for use with my 1920′s and 30′s delta blues duo, Bad King Bosko. My modern 300 watt bass amp doesn’t look or sound right for this gig, as I am going for an old upright bass sound on a Fender P bass with flat wound strings and a foam string mute.  My new old amp will have just one input, one channel, one vol, bass and treble control, a pilot light, power switch, fuse, line out for connecting to a sound system when necessary, and speaker jacks. Simple and to the point.

I am also a seasoned sound engineer, having worked with hundreds of professional touring and local acts during the heyday of Raoul’s and Morganfield’s in Portland, ME.  Ask me about the Buddy Guy fiasco sometime.