Instrument Repair

I repair electric instruments under my business name Mojo Tech.  If it plugs in I can fix it. I will take some acoustic work as well, although I am not a luthier.  I can do wiring issues, pickups, full set ups, truss rod adjustments, tuners, minor fret work, nut repair, replacements, etc. If your electric instrument is acting up, let’s talk. I have played electric instruments for 40 years, I can help.


My Rates:

$40/hr plus parts


I maintain my arsenal of axes which includes:

1974 Gibson ES-335

1975 Gibson J-50 Deluxe

1987 Fender ’62 reissue Custom Telecaster

1998 Gibson Les Paul Special

1998 PRS McCarty Soapbar

2002 Fender Precision bass

1986 G&L SB-1 bass

2006 Lakland Glaub P-bass