Amp Tech

65 Super 002Doing business as Mojo Tech, I service all brands of guitar, bass, harp, and keyboard amplifiers, as well as most PA gear.  I specialize in vintage tube amp maintenance and repair. My interests are restoring a classic amp back to its original working condition rather than modifying it to be something else, unless you bring me a mod and want me to execute it verbatim.  If I can’t fix your amp, I will not charge you. This very seldom happens. My rates are low because I work from my home and hence have no overhead costs. Plus, I have the time to spend on your amp to make sure I am not overlooking anything. Your amp will be well tested and not whisked through only to fail at your next gig.  I am a gigging musician, and I understand what an amp should sound like, and what it means if it does not. I service the amps and gear of many of the area’s top acts. Remember, tube amps generate and store high voltages that can kill you, even when turned off and unplugged from the AC source.  Always bring your tube amp to a qualified tech such as myself if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing.


My Rates: