Let’s get this thing started

Posted by on February 8, 2013 in Amp Repair, General, Home, Tweed Deluxe Build | 1 comment

amp build 025

5E3 chassis no. 1 and 2 partially populated

Started to populate the hardware. I am actually building two chassis at the same time, one for my combo and one for my pal Jack Murray, who will put it in a head cab for use in his studio. Jack made this web site. Jack’s cool. Here are the twins as of tonight. Mostly finger tight for now. Waiting on the pre-amp sockets, because I ordered the wrong size the first time, and the fuse holders, because I forgot to remember to order them. Mine has a violet lamp, Jack’s is green, because who has green?

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  1. Looking good man. BTW, mine’s green. I got it at Capital City Music in Augusta in 1992. Al had a giant pickle jar, still smelled like pickles, full of jewels on the counter. All the uncommon ones were at the bottom, and he refused to let anyone dig for them. Rog Sampson got a multicolored one out of there, but then again, he’s Rog.

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