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The parts have mostly all come in. I wanted to try to get everything I needed together first, but does that really EVER happen? There are some really good quality suppliers out there, and I decided right from the start I would cut no corners, nor use anything less than the best I could find for this project. The idea is to build a period correct exact reproduction of the 1955 5E3 Tweed Deluxe amp, probably the most recorded amp in the world, with the only exception being an update to the ground scheme to put it in the modern world. More on this later. The first thing to arrive was the most excellent chassis and eyelet fiber board from Mojotone.

Mojotone 5E3 Deluxe Tweed chassis and fiberboard

Mojotone 5E3 Deluxe Tweed chassis and fiberboard

Then the Mercury Magnetics transformer set. Exact clones from a 1950′s Fender Tweed Deluxe. They are expensive, but I don’t think there is a better quality product to be had for American style guitar amps. Worth the cost in my opinion.

amp build 006

Mercury Magnetics output and power transformers

Next was the bag of goodies from American Electronic Supply and Mojotone. Full geek mode here.

amp build 007

Component samples for 5E3 Tweed Deluxe build


Ceramic tube sockets

amp build 011

Ceramic tubes sockets with clips and shields

CTS brass shaft pots with chicken head knobs.

amp build 010

CTS brass shaft pots with chicken head knobs


Solid core cloth covered wire and shielded input wire.

amp build 018

22 gauge solid core shielded and cloth covered wire


Carling switches.

amp build 012

Carling power switches and Fender style lamp holder with custom green jewel


And the best filter caps, Sprague Atom.

amp build 009

Sprague Atom 500v filter capacitors


Then my cabinet came in. A wonderful handmade, one at a time, per order beauty from American Tweeds. It is beautiful. Thank you Jeff!

amp build 021

Tweed Deluxe cabinet from American Tweeds

amp build 022

Back of Tweed Deluxe cabinet from American Tweeds


amp build 020

10 foot 14 gauge power cable

And this massive 14 gauge power cord I got locally from my pals at HR Distributors in Portland, ME. My theory is to always have the most robust power cord you can, because the math matters. Remember, no corners cut here. The hardest part of this project may be fitting this big cord through the chassis!


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  1. Looking good Randall! Can’t wait to see the end result!

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